Level One Qigong Classes led by Joe Welch

Spring 2009

Most of the classes consist of six 90 minute sessions.

For more information, call 612-232-0816

What to Expect

Active Exercise/Meditation Class

Qigong is one of the cornerstones of Chinese medicine. It combines a series of simple, gentle movements and meditation to promote health and well-being. In an Active Exercise/Meditation Class, you will focus on techniques to help you relieve pain, reduce stress, and develop physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Please wear comfortable clothes.

The main benefits of the Active Exercise/Meditation Class are:

  • To strengthen your physical energy
  • To help open all energy channels in the body
  • To help you bring your yin and yang energy back into balance
  • To get rid of energy blockages
  • To help you develop your spiritual energy so that you heal yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually at the same time