Joe Welch

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor

2011 & 2012 Global Transformations

Featuring DK Brainard, Astrologer EDGE Magazine, Hypnotherapist and Soul Reader

  • Saturday, March 26
  • 10 am – 5 pm
  • Unity South Church
    7950 1st Ave. S., Bloomington, MN

DK Brainard is an intuitive astrologer and soul reader with clients on five continents. He specializes in helping clients work at the causal level of the mind and the archetypal level of the soul to transform the outer world.

DK will be offering an in-depth look at the 2012 phenomenon, including:

  • Why we’re already in 2012 and you should stop waiting for something to happen
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is key to thriving in the coming era and how to develop yours.
  • Assembling your team – preparedness, flexibility and community are keys to thriving.
  • The two paths – Creativity and Beauty vs. Consumption and Violence.
  • Take a look forward to 2020 & 2030 to see for yourself what is likely and why preparation of consciousness now is so vital.

Jenny Canfield, Intuitive and Psychic Healer
JJ Norman, Medium and Psychic Healer

Together as a duo, JJ and Jenny will channel Live Healing Messages of Love from Specific Assented Masters, regarding some of the energetic changes and shifts we are experiencing right now!

In addition JJ & Jenny will offer information and insight, answering some of your questions about the transformational times on the planet in 2011 & 2012!

This dynamic pair has been receiving messages from Spirit for months, driven to coordinate this special event to provide you with clarity and proactive methods of making a positive healing difference!

Joe Welch, Spring Forest Qigong Healer

Joe will present healing tools you can implement to assist you in healing and shifting energy! How to better your health, mentality, phsyical body, emotions and spirituality. Joe has fifteen years of practice doing Spring Forest Qigong with an intent to spread Master Chun Yi Lin’s message of Love, Kindness, Forgiveness and that we are ALL born a healer!

Andrea Sullivan, L.M.T, Shiatsu Practitioner, Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang (more to come)

Contact Information
  • Please email if you are interested in attending: [email protected]
  • or contact JJ at 651-647-1992
  • or contact Jenny at 651-503-3705

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